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Our Story

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The Home Unique is located in Simi Valley, CA. We beautifully display a wide spectrum of merchandise selected from exclusive vendors & consigners. We take pride in our clean & tidy shop. Unlike many antique stores who select their vendors for The Home Unique based on a first come-first serve basis, owner Elaine DeVries carefully selects vendors forThe Home Unique based on their areas of expertise. This ensures that all of the merchandise is authentic and has been thoroughly researched.

We are a family owned business. We opened the store believing that variety is a must, display is important, and customer service is everything! The Home Unique is a small antique shop with a big store feel. We are small enough that we can assist each customer individually and large enough to have a variety of treasures available for sale in one location. We here from many customers that they could not believe how affordable our prices are, they have seen similar items at other local shops priced much higher. You will be surprised at the value you can get for the quality! Our dealers work hard at keeping their costs down, therefore, passing on the savings to our customers. We feel just because we are an antique store doesn’t necessarily mean outrageous prices. Our goal is to always provide a friendly, pleasant atmosphere for our customers & dealers.

The types of merchandise that The Home Unique has on display for sale include:

  • Classic antique, vintage & Shabby Chic furniture
  • Textiles – linens, quilts & fabrics
  • Vintage Sporting Goods
  • Vintage and antique tools & farming Implements
  • Rusty to Primitive
  • Vintage and antique clothing, hats and accessories
  • Clocks and watches
  • Sterling and silver-plate serving dishes & flatware
  • A large selection of china, porcelain, glass, and pottery
  • Large collection of vintage and antique costume and estate jewelry
  • Books, books and books
  • Vintage and antique prints, watercolors and oils
  • Vintage Lamps and chandeliers
  • Wicker furniture and accessories
  • Coins & Political collectibles
  • Military Collectibles including medals & clothing
  • Collectible Toys, Games & Records
  • Antique camera’s & photos
  • Kitchen Collectibles including cast iron pans
  • Patio & Garden items
  • Unique Home Decor

Our Merchandise is Ready for Your Home
The merchandise that we sell is ready to go into our customer’s home. That is one of the points we take pride in – the customer is not left with the expense of repairs when they buy an antique from us.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]